SEO – search engine optimisation

In short, SEO is the process of improving a web site’s relevancy in the eyes of search engines in relation to what the market segment searches for and the product or service you offer. When search engine optimization is executed properly, it improves your sites ranking in search engine results directly in relation to what you offer.  This improves your site visibility, is free (other than the optimisation process)  and will certainly bring you more qualified visitors.

Optimised web design

A web site should be always be designed from an SEO perspective first and foremost. It is critical to your sites success that SEO planning is undertaken before the site build gets underway. We will ensure your site is fully optimised, highly effective and as efficient as it can be. If you are planning a new website, all of our designed and built websites are SEO ready.

  • Over 90% of internet users find websites through search engines and a growing number via social media search.
  • Three in four web users agree search engines have introduced them to products and brands they wouldn’t have had knowledge of  before
  • Online shopping is set to more than quadruple by 2020 when it will account for almost 50% of all retail sales
SEO Pyramid Search engine Optimisation

Building blocks for Search Engine Optimisation

Website optimisation

SEO  also incorporates important elements of website optimisation such as site design, its ease of use by visitors and its functionality. Critical to a sites success is its effective use of keywords and keyphrases which are the most relevant to your offering and best match what customers are searching for (and how and where they search).

Copywriting & content

The content of your site is not only key in engaging your potential customers but also in helping your site rank highly in search engine results. The way content is written and how it is placed on a page is very important in the overall site’s performance. SEO Copywriting allied to the correct semantic mark up will raise the profile of your brand, services and products to your visitors, as well as the search engines.

SEO is never undertaken in isolation from any other marketing activity as it is all interconnected. SEO is a highly valuable ongoing process, through which improvements over time are cumulative and which have a positive long term effect on your site profitability.

Clear intuitive site design, meta information, relevant keywords used in page titles and copy, consistent HTML tagging, the creation of internal links and the attraction of external links from social networking and other high ranking sites, all helps to enhance SEO.

SEO – effectiveness

Attracting potential customers by whatever means to a web site that is not likely to lead the highest proportion of visitors to complete a successful outcome, is not an efficient use of your business resources. It is essential your web site is fit for purpose, easy to use and designed ultimately to convert visitors into valued customers.

Search engine results visibility

SEO helps improve your relevancy and visibility in search engine results. Visitors to your site through this non-paid search is often described as ‘organic’. This differentiates this traffic from the other key element of SEM namely ‘paid search’ or PPC (pay per click). ‘SEO’ is now shorthand for non-paid search and ‘PPC’ shorthand for paid search. Of course, in practice, SEO applies to all search engine marketing.  Higher ranking of your site in search engine results pages (SERPS), is achieved through the creation of compelling content. This is based on thoroughly researched key phrases (‘keywords’), which are most relevant to your product or service and best match what your target customers key into their search engine.  (Google, Bing, Yahoo and increasingly important platforms such as You Tube, Facebook, Twitter etc.) .

MGL Marketing can create highly optimised content to improve relevancy, review site architecture and key on-page and off-page elements to ensure your site is best designed to convert searchers to visitors and visitors to customers. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation.