Social marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Social Network Marketing is now firmly established as an important and necessary marketing channel. The ‘new marketing’ now is less of the vertical (business down to the consumer) and more of the horizontal (consumer to business to consumer) communication. It is essential for businesses to embrace the opportunities social networks present and MGL Marketing can cost-effectively help you reach your target audience. The explosive growth of Social Media business pages on the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn creates new opportunities to reach consumers but also the resource and content dilemma of managing and maintaining your social presence on a day to day basis.

Social business pages

Not long ago to have an online presence a business required a website. Now, you need to design and populate an efficient and engaging website and  several other social business pages (in effect, business mini-sites). Recent industry developments indicate that sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others will soon be threatening the dominance of the likes of Google, Amazon and ebay as important search, advertising and e-commerce platforms. As these features are developing apace, establishing a business presence on social media spaces is imperative to be best positioned for future success. The exponential growth of social platforms and their mobile usage demonstrates the importance of having managed social networks visibility for your business.

Local search & location based business visibility

Google has signalled that highly personalised and location based search results will play an  increasingly important role in its search engine results. We can help you ensure your business is prepared to reap the benefits of these changes with Google +, Google Local, Google Maps, Google Shopping (retail) and integrated search engine advertising. All of the major search and social networks are moving increasingly to Locality based targeting and mobile applications. It is imperative businesses of all kinds embrace these technologies and marketing channel opportunities.

With the fast growing mass market adoption of smart phones and tablet devices  increasing the frequency and the way people interact via social media, social networks in all formats allow businesses to attract customers in a highly targeted way and to directly interact with their audience as never before. This does not just apply to big business – every conceivable market is there and all business needs to be there too.

Reviews & ratings

The major networks and business listing sites incorporate ratings and reviews in search results. Google often serves these results above other ‘organic’ results so it is very important for businesses to ensure they have a correct and up to date listing. Ensuring your website or social page is presented well and is visible is increasingly important. Through regular monitoring of social media platforms, MGL Marketing  ensures businesses are presented well, kept aware of comment trends, key issues and overall market sentiment. We help businesses to be best placed to make any required changes to processes and counteract market negativity for positive outcomes.

Reputation management

It is important to monitor what is being said about your brand, products and business. Social media has been proven as a valuable resource to listen to your customers, the opportunity to respond and actively change perceptions and promote your products and services. The immediacy and reach of social media is a double edged sword. As it is a powerful medium for the promotion of a company, brand or service, it is also a powerful medium for exposing failings or aspects of your business that need attention. Social network communications are two-way of course, and it offers  first hand insight to your customers to listen, engage and respond.


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