Web design & build

We at MGL do not just build websites, we thoroughly research your target market and develop a structured and effective website to be a high performing business asset. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is built-in to every one. Whether you require an information site showcasing your services or an advanced full-feature ecommerce solution, choosing MGL Marketing for your web design & build will ensure your business is best placed to reach your target customers.

Conversion – visitors to customers

We all respond to things that look nice and good creative web site design is itself an art form. However, before your chosen digital Carravaggio even starts, there is a lot of work to be done on site architecture before the final overlay of the creative design. We will ensure your website is designed to be as effective as possible and optimised for the target market. The website information architecture (what your visitors see and what they do not) will be designed to ensure high visibility in major search engines. Websites have to be designed with a conversion goal in mind at all times. We ensure all of our websites are intuitive to use,  easy to navigate and most importantly, constructed to optimise conversions of visitors into leads and customers. Our ongoing SEO and online marketing services will further enhance its effectiveness and ROI.

Responsive web Design & multi screen useability

Increasingly business websites and social network pages are viewed by the same potential customer on multiple devices with multiple screen dimensions. Often the same individual will use mobile, tablet, laptop and large screen (smart TV’s and desktop monitors) to view your online assets. It is very important your site is easily useable in all formats. A recent report from Google/Ipsos , the basis for the infographic below, gives an interesting insight to multi device usage by consumers.


responsive web design

Importance of responsive design

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